Glass Balustrades

The game-changing new category in balustrading design.

Hybrid   is a unique, aesthetic and cost-effective new category in balustrading design which brings to the market the advantages of two product styles in one system. 

Sitting between the traditional alternatives of post-supported balustrades and 
high-end structural glass systems, Hybrid   provides the open views of frameless glass but at a fraction of the cost. 



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Built around an innovative engineering design that requires only standard toughened glass with few, or no, upright supports, Hybrid   balustrades hide the structural work inside their elegant self-supporting handrail profiles - enabling:


Up to 4 metres postless balustrading spans

Up to 12m postless spans for a 3-sided balustrade

No corner posts

No ugly clamps or bolts

Clean lines – more view – less obstructions


Hybrid    balustrades are rust-free, even in coastal conditions, with 10-year
guarantees offered on their anodised aluminium finishes.


With simplicity of installation, Hybrid    delivers the best of both worlds:
high-end aesthetics at an affordable price.




Easy to install

Maintenance free

No ugly bolts or clamps

Marine grade
Anodised Aluminium

The Systems.

Hybrid    incorporates two unique systems, Orbit and Aerofoil, which offer two contemporary handrail styles.

Hybrid   Orbit comprises an aesthetic circular handrail profile which enables spans of up to 3.3 metres without posts when the Orbit handrail is attached to a wall or other structural element.


The Hybrid    Aerofoil system offers a contemporary winged shaped handrail which enables uninterrupted views of up to 4 metres without posts when attached to a structural element. Where the Aerofoil system turns a corner, the postless spans can be even longer, with a three-sided balustrade square running up to 12 metres without posts.


In place of the extensive footings usually required for structural glass systems, Hybrid    balustrades use slim surface-mounting. Both Hybrid    Orbit and Aerofoil systems include 10mm toughened glass panels which, at a fraction of the weight of laminated frameless glass, make for a more cost-effective purchase and an easier installation. Click here to contact us now for more information or a quotation.